QuickSave Rescue Equipment

A New Approach To Make Lifesaving Safer and More Effective

In Sweden every third person that involuntarily falls into the water, drowns.  That fact gives pause for thought, and demonstrates there are opportunities for improvement.

To save a person who is in an emergency situation in water is both difficult and dangerous. There are few supporting tools to help. However, we do want to make the difficult work of a lifeguard effective, and we also want the lifeguards to feel they can safely and confidently fulfil their task.

In the past, there was only equipment suitable to use on the water surface. Examples include hands-on, Rescue Tubes, Lifebuoys, and throw-lines.  Not one of these products is made to be brought down under the surface.  Now, as a complement to the surface lifesaving products there is a new way for lifeguards to safely aid their difficult tasks, and that is using QuickSave Rescue Equipment.

QuickSave is the only equipment that is highly mobile – it is easy to carry around and can be carried in various positions – on the leg, on the chest, around the waist.   This makes it suitable for the lifeguard environment.

QuickSave has two handles, one with a CO2 cylinder to inflate the buoy; the material is similar to that in inflatable life vests. The equipment is thoroughly tested starting in 2005 with rescue divers, lifeguards, sea rescue, fire fighters and of course the Swedish Life Saving Society which has been a very supportive in developing the equipment.

QuickSave is a new kind of lifebuoy. The advantages, compared to the conventional lifebuoy, are many:

QuickSave is small, convenient and can be attached below the surface.
QuickSave is quick and easy to use, but also safe and secure.
QuickSave is easy to swim with. When you swim out to the victim, you have both hands free.
QuickSave provides buoyancy and lifts a full grown person up by it self to the surface from 10 meters.
QuickSave can be thrown out with a rope, just like a conventional lifebuoy.

QuickSave has been tested by Firefighters, Rescue divers, Guardians, Sea Saving Association, The Swedish Coast Guard, The Swedish Lifesaving Associations and lifeguards.

Quicksave Rescue Equipment are saftey tested at Force Tecnology i Köpenhamn:
Testing of Life-Saving Appliances: MSC81(70), EN ISO 12401-9-2006/-A1-2011 and EN ISO12402-5-2006/A1-2011.
Made by Force Tecnology, Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Instruktion for Firefighters: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZ1zi5A0L8E

Instruktion for Rescue Divers: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HaoAE75FEs8


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